The Christmas Story is Sexist…

For those of you still frequenting this ghost town/don’t have a Facebook (most of the action now takes place on the Prague BLOG), check out my latest piece over at On Pop Theology. So far I’ve been overwhelmed by the number of thoughtful notes I’ve received in response to the piece — people personally messaging me and giving me their thoughts on the whole faith/human rights/personal choice/sacrifice issue. The responses, whether agreeing or disagreeing with me, have reminded me that there’s a whole community of people trying to resolve these questions, and that I’m not alone. If you’re one of those people who’s made me think about this issue further (and believe me, I’m not done with this topic, either), thank you for that. Few things make me happier than seeing Christians engage in sensitive and intelligent discussion.

So here’s the first paragraph of this most recent, scandalously-titled piece: “The Christmas Story is Sexist and Faith Isn’t Nice.” And while you’re at it listen to the wonderful Nickel Creek song above.

The Sunday before Christmas, I attended a church service with my family. The pastor was discussing a familiar passage from Luke 1, commonly known as “The Annunciation,” where the angel Gabriel came down to Nazareth and informed Mary that she was going to “conceive and give birth to a son.” I’d heard it dozens of times before, at least once every Christmas, and year after year I listened as preachers praised Mary for her obedience, her willingness to carry a child into the world at the risk of cutting herself off from all good society. I prepared to tune out for the next few minutes. – See more here.


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