Hope for the Pope

Today I have a post in On Pop Theology about the Pope’s resignation and what I think it means for the Roman Catholic Church.

My friend Benjamin Howard started this blog, and it’s a good one, worth reading on a regular basis. I met him at the Northern Shores Writers’ Retreat about a month ago and was excited to discover a like-minded writer. I love that he’s not a fan of easy answers.

My post here tries to address one of the big tensions at the heart of Catholicism–both the pros and cons of relying on Tradition for truth and guidance. While Tradition can be a very good thing in that I think it’s tricky and dangerous to accept nothing but scripture as truth, it can also hinder the progress of the Church, and make it more difficult for us to reach present society. I’m sure much of this has been said before, but it helped me to write it down and especially look at this issue in light of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive discussion of the matter. It’s an enormous topic! But I hope you enjoy, and feel free to leave me your thoughts. You can read the post here.


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