The first rite

If you’ve been following along with this blog, you might have noticed an entry from back in the summer in which I discussed my desire to explore the Catholic faith. I’ve been doing that, since June, by attending mass, reading, and now attending “RCIA,” the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. If you’re curious about why I’m doing all of this, I’ve written about the experience, and about some of the theological and personal factors that have led me to my decision thus far. The Burnside Writers Collective has graciously published my piece “Confirmation Class,” if you want some further insight. I sort of pour my heart out in it, so, you know, be nice.

It turns out that the publishing of this piece, which I’ve actually been dabbling with for a couple of months, comes at a perfect time. This Sunday is the rite of acceptance, during which the candidates come before the parish and declare their decision to go forward with receiving their sacraments. Since I’ve already been baptized, for me the sacraments are confirmation and first communion. I don’t pretend to understand everything about Catholicism, or Christianity, or faith, but at some point you must stop hem-hawing, and step forward to make a decision. It’s still months until confirmation–that happens during Easter–but this is the first definitive step.

If you’re interested, read the piece, and feel free to let me know either here or privately your own thoughts. And know that if you hadn’t all been delightfully kind and understanding both in the comments and in our conversations in person, I probably wouldn’t be confident and comfortable enough to share this publicly. Thank you for that, and enjoy the read.


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