What’s for dinner

Over the summer I blogged about the Supper of the Fish. Now it’s time for the supper of the hen, since I’m too cheap to get a whole turkey.

But before I roll out the menu, since it’s Thanksgiving, I do want to say that I’m grateful that I get to cook a (hopefully) delicious meal tomorrow, which is one of my favorite pastimes. I’m grateful to learn that a piece I’ve written is going to be published and that I’m getting to pursue my passions one way or another. I’m grateful that I have someone to celebrate the holiday with, even though I’m far from home. And I’m grateful for my family down in Austin and out in Hawaii that I don’t get to see yet, but that I’ll see very soon for Christmas.

Ahem. Pardon me, I think there’s some dust in my eye.

SO, on the menu for tomorrow we have:

Cornish hens (or rather, a chicken, since Trader Joe’s didn’t have the former) with vinegar

and a bacon-nut stuffing (all via Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything)

Focaccia bread

Green beans with lemon and almonds

Sweet potatoes and sage

And what would Thanksgiving be without a delicious, flaky-crusted

Pumpkin pie?

Pictures to come. Needless to say.


Here’s the first dish that will get roasted inside the chicken–the bacon-nut stuffing. Surprisingly, the white wine at Westside Market is not bad at all (it’s a Pinot Grigio), so I’m drinking that in addition to using it in my cooking.



One thought on “What’s for dinner

  1. Bravo! Menu sounds yummy! Let the cooking begin. Miles away, I’ll be thinking of you as I am working in my kitchen. Enjoy your time in the kitchen and around the table. Love you and looking forward to time together at Christmas!

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