The trouble with mullets

While some of my male friends are engaging in Movember, I am working on a hair endeavor of my own.

I told my hairdresser back in July that it was the last real cut I would get before trying to grow it back out. Her advice to me was to keep it short in the back so it doesn’t turn into a mullet.

Ah, how I wish I could have heeded her words. But a tight pocketbook and general laziness have prevented me from frequenting the hair salon to keep the shag in check while I wait in silent suffering. I am finally going after work today to get it “shaped,” so I dearly hope I’m not past hope.

If all goes well this afternoon, here’s to having one less thing in common with eighties-era businessmen trying to impress the ladies. Adios, mullet.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Stylist called yesterday to say she was “sick.” Yeah right! In any case, I am going in this evening, so the verdict is still out on whether or not I will be able to show my face tomorrow. Down with mullets!

IMPORTANT UPDATE #2: When I went to get the trim, I didn’t get the dramatic makeover I was hoping for. But I got something even better. Another stylist at Revolver Salon (that’s in the Ricky’s right by Columbia, for all you New York City students lookin’ for somewhere to get a cut) took one look at me and said he didn’t want to give me a full cut, so that my hair could keep growing. But he did trim the back, which was my number one priority. When I asked him how much I owed, he said “zero dollars and zero cents!” I tipped him, of course, but is that nice or what? I guess I will just have to have patience until my hair is long enough for Alan to do something more like this:

P.S. Stephen, if you’re reading this and are worried, FEAR NOT! Let’s just say I don’t think he’d ever be into me.


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