Weathering Sandy

Update: 2:15 pm

Emerged from hiding to survey some of the damage. Our neighborhood fared pretty well; for the most part, it just looks like we got hit by a big thunderstorm. By far the worst damage I saw was this fallen tree, which dented two cars parked along the curb.

145th between Convent and St. Nicholas

We are lucky to be so far uptown that we didn’t really experience flooding or power outage. It’s shocking to see pictures of the flooded subways, and it sounds like it will still be a few days before the city is up and fully running again.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families in NYC and elsewhere who haven’t escaped the danger and inconvenience Sandy brought with her. All of us uptown should be very grateful that we have just gotten a couple of nice days off.

Update: Tuesday, 11:33 am

Woke up to read the MTA’s statement and hear Bloomberg’s press conference about the extensive damage to the city and especially to the transportation system.

We are doing absolutely fine–we still have power and hot water–so we are quite grateful to be cozy and safe in our apartment. The extreme weather has settled down quite a bit, although it’s still raining. It looks like the worse is over, and we survived!

Thanks for reading! Will update if anything else exciting happens!

Update: 12:17 am

Very happy–we still have power, and I just finished watching last week’s adorable Parks & Rec episode. Not sure if things will be better or worse in the morning. It looks like we’ll keep our power, but obviously the storm tomorrow may shake things up.

Heading to bed for now, but I’ll update more in the morning!

Update: 10:46 pm 

After making it through Meet the Parents without losing power, we are now eating the ice cream in our freezer. Wouldn’t want to lose all that deliciousness!

So far I really haven’t seen the amount of rain I thought we would, but the winds outside are fierce. Definitely not going outside until tomorrow when things die down.

Update: 8:10 pm

Looks like there’s no work again tomorrow! Everything depends on the re-opening of the subways, and that depends on how long the storm is going to last. It’s good New York is so reliant on mass transit, but when something like this happens, we are all stuck.

I’ve heard reports of friends losing power–so far Harlem is still holding on.

Update: 6:06 pm

Frannie and I decided it was our last chance to run outside before things take a turn for the worse and we are cooped up all night. We ran to the corner bodega to grab some matches in case the electricity goes out, and it is extremely windy out there! On our way back the lid to our trash bin flew off, and Frannie chased after it and very nicely tucked it away so that it wouldn’t hurt anyone’s car.  I imagine we won’t be going back out there til things die down!

Things are starting to look gloomy

Update: 5:15 pm

Frannie ventured outside to check for a package, and we have a branch down! Call the fire department!!

Update: 4:40 pm

Happy to report nothing too dramatic has happened here. We can definitely hear the wind picking up (and neighbors hammering, thank you very much), but besides that and a little rain, Sandy has yet to do her worst.

Also, to the hundreds of thousands of people who shared this photo on Facebook below, it is photoshopped. See this link for the original: It’s still pretty cool, but it’s a tornado in Omaha. Thanks to Yanyi Luo for finding the original and confirming my suspicions.

Update: 1:59 pm

Listening to Gimme Shelter, courtesy of Spectator’s Sandy Playlist. Stay cozy.

Update: 1:33 pm

The winds have picked up, although there is still not much rain. The storm hasn’t even hit New York yet.

Kudos to Mikey Zhong for finding this picture from George Takei’s Facebook page. This is Battery Park–where I was just last night for the wedding. It looked nothing like this.

And this awesome picture from a friend’s Facebook. This is near Fairway, on the upper west side of Manhattan.

Photo courtesy of Chris Venditti

Update: 11:51 am

Stepped outside to get some fresh air and see how things are looking on the street. It’s chillier than I thought (57 degrees), and it’s showering just a bit. Here’s the view from my street, with a building of City College in the background.

Update: Monday, 10:47 am 

Still no real rain. Right now it’s just a little overcast. I’m watching some coverage of the hurricane in Ocean City and it looks fierce. Supposedly it won’t really hit New York until this evening, so it looks like I’ll have power all day.

My roommate made some delicious French toast and eggs with brie and ham for breakfast, so right now we are just enjoying a day off. At this stage we’re definitely in the calm before the storm.

Update: Sunday, 3:12 am

Not sleeping very well, so I got up and checked the weather. It seems that at least in Hamilton Heights, we haven’t had a drop of rain. According to my latest refreshing of we will have “light rain / wind” and “showers / wind” for the next several hours, and then at around 10 am the squalls begin to hit. Will try to get a little more sleep and will check back in in the morning.

Sunday, 11:49 pm

As you know by now, the East Coast is supposed to be hit by a massive hurricane over the next few days.

My friends who were getting married tonight (in Battery Gardens, no less) disregarded the warnings, the subway closings, and the evacuation announcements and got hitched anyway. Good for them.

New York is notorious for crying wolf, and, as it turns out, it hasn’t even started raining yet. Thankfully, the guests made it home safe and sound, despite the fact that the wedding took place in Zone A, one of the low-lying areas of the city.

The wedding was absolutely lovely. It took place in the elegant Battery Gardens restaurant, and apparently the venue got special permission to stay open during the storm, since the rest of the area was evacuated. The ceremony was short and sweet; the flower girls and ring bearer were beyond adorable, good food and wine were plentiful; and we danced a whole lot. I wore my rain boots with my dress (just in case!), as I thought I might end up having to walk through the rain to get home, but thankfully cabs were waiting for us outside, 4 hours after the subways shut down.


Sporty or dorky? Don’t answer that question.

I am not planning on leaving my apartment tomorrow, since work was cancelled–and Monday night is when it’s supposed to hit the hardest. So check back up for more updates tomorrow morning (if we have power!!). Stay safe, everyone. And dry.

Very happy with my date, the Best Man! This was taken at the reception. During the day, you can see the statue of Liberty from here!


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