Upward momentum

After I had been working at Larkin for a grand total of three weeks, the office’s other assistant announced that she was moving on to bigger and better things. This maybe wouldn’t be such a big deal except that Larkin has 5 employees, and from the dismay of my bosses at her departure you’d think every person there is as irreplaceable as Steve Carell in The Office.

I was at my desk sorting through resumes and absentmindedly entering data when one of my bosses told me that her assistant had given notice, and would I like a promotion?

Um. Yes.

To be honest, I was a little stressed out at first that I was accepting the new job. Even though I had been wondering how I would keep myself entertained as an admin assist, there was something very predictable and comfortable about my job that I liked. I could actually get all my work done in a day–something that never happens to you as a student. And I had just finished my training: the thought of starting over and being once again uncertain of myself was daunting.

This new gig is definitely harder than my old position, and there’s less room for error. I’m basically in charge of the agency’s billing, and at the ring of a phone I have to stop everything and find a dental assistant or hygienist to do temp work, sometimes for that very day. It’s faster-paced than my old job, which I both like and am flustered by.

But there are a number of perks. I get a little more personal space and can work somewhat independently, for one, which is what I prefer. I can work on expanding the business’s marketing and social media reach when I find the time. And naturally I’m getting compensated for working harder. In general, it’s an opportunity to grow and be challenged, much more so than in my initial position.

Thankfully, we’ve found someone to replace me in my old job, so come Monday I will officially be the “office manager” or “quickbooks overlord” or whatever I want to call myself. The next couple of weeks especially will be a rough, but I think it’s better that way. Better to be imperfect at your job and to be learning something new than to sit in boredom, never making a mistake.*

*full disclosure: I actually made plenty of mistakes in my old job. Also, my old boss is a 69-year-old Jewish woman who’s lived in Brooklyn her whole life, so I can’t exactly say the job was boring. But it sounded nicer to say it this way.


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