Good things can happen on a hot summer’s day

If you are in New York, Austin, D.C., or a number of other places where I imagine you are currently warm and sticky, you know that summer isn’t all fun and games. Especially if you’re trying to cut down on the air conditioning bill, or don’t have a pool at your backyard, or have to walk or take the bus to work, summer isn’t necessarily the easy-breezy time of yore.

And yet, things happen that make even the hottest summer day one to celebrate. For instance …

1. Rockaway taco exists. It’s far, far away in Queens (it took me about 2 hours to get there), but the fish taco with guacamole was AMAZING. And we saw a beautiful sunset. And we ordered a pitcher of Blue Point at a beach bar and shared it with the taco guy who stopped by to take it easy. And we dipped our toes in the cold beach water.

2. I ran a 10k with my new kicks! It was one of New York Road Runners’ 5-borough series. The weather was insanely humid and in the high 70’s even though it was in the early morning (note the squinting). But they gave me chocolate milk, I had a devoted fan in the crowd cheering me on, and I have this sweet new medal! Score!


After completing this 10k in Queens, I’ve somehow convinced Stephen Snowder to run the Bronx 10-MILER in September with me! (now it’s in writing, so there’s no backing out!)

3. People are nice sometimes. Yesterday, I saw a man who had just gone shopping offer a rice cracker to a fussy little kid on the subway. The kid’s mom popped it in his mouth and, seeing her son calm down, checked out the cracker box to buy some herself.

4. I have a new job! This isn’t really related to summer-time, but it’s certainly a boost for me! I’ll be working as an administrative assistant at a small employment agency in Midtown that places job seekers in positions in the dental and medical fields. It wasn’t really what I had planned on, but I love the agency and especially the people who work there. Plus, Larkin has been around since the Great Depression and is female and family owned! After a job search where I kept running into dead ends, I feel very blessed.

5. Ramen brings people together. The other day I went down to the East Village with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and ate an entire bowl of noodles (this was the same day as my race, so you’ll have to excuse my appetite). I ordered the Shio Ramen and every bite was delicious.


6. It’s the 4th of July tomorrow. I hope I don’t need to convince you to get out and celebrate that! Have some BBQ or something. Yay freedom!


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