Ho Hey and the city of Austin!

*While reading, you should listen to this lovely song by the Lumineers!*

As I’m preparing to head back to New York, I’m just now appreciating many of the things I will soon have to leave behind. (Don’t it always seem to go?) I can’t wait to get back to the city and start my new life there, but it’ll be hard to say goodbye to Austin, a place I love more and more every time I come back to it. Since I don’t yet know when I’ll be home again in this weird, lively, beautiful city, here’s a tribute to a few things I will miss.

The Alamo Drafthouse: This ain’t no typical movie theater. Not only do you get to chow down on supper while watching your flick, but you also get to witness an original compilation of old movie clips that have something to do with your featured film. This is an example of something my family saw before watching Men In Black III (which, if you haven’t seen it yet, is great!).

Kayaking on the lake : This one doesn’t need too much of an explanation. You rent a boat and paddle around for a little while, getting a good look at the lake’s resident turtles and the Austin skyline. And with these people to go with you and a delicious meal at Shady Grove afterward, you’ve got yourself an afternoon that can’t be beat.

Bird’s Barbershop : I only just discovered this place in January, but it’s the spot to frequent if you need some hair attention and want something between a pricey salon and a Supercut. Plus, you get a free beer! (I haven’t been served one yet, probably because I look 18 and have only come in the morning.)

Sno Beach : A delightful snow cone stand where you can order virtually any permutation of syrup flavors. (I had sweet tea and lime; my friend Jaclyn had “Bahama Mama.”) AND the logo is a snow cone wearing sunglasses! Pretty sweet!

Austin graffiti : This is just one of many lovely pieces of artwork you can take in around town. Yes, random graffiti artist, “let’s pretend we are robots.”

The wonderful thing about Austin is that there are a thousand more things I will miss that I could list! Eating delicious Tex-Mex at Curra’s or BBQ at Rudy’s or burgers at Hut’s, watching millions of bats fly out from under South Congress Bridge later in the summer, sipping a coffee at Strange Brew, experiencing live music at Zilker park via Blues on the Green (Which, alas, I never got to do!). And, I’ll admit, snacking on chick-fil-a nuggets and waffle fries.

This city may not be as unsleeping as New York, but I’d say we have just as much culture. And while it’s hard to find a place to take it easy in the Big Smoke, down here one need only walk a little ways to feel at ease and right at home.

Of course, the biggest thing I have and will continue to miss is the people. My family, the high school friends I still keep in touch with–New York can make up for many things, and I’ve met some of my closest and dearest friends up north, but it can’t replace these lovely souls.

Soon I’ll be saying au revoir to you, Austin! I’m sure I’ll be back for the holidays, but until then, enjoy all you’ve got going for you.


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