Pumped-up kicks

To my old pair of Brooks:

It’s finally time to say goodbye. We’ve been together 6 long years, and we’ve had a good run.

You were just what I was looking for when I bought you–I needed arch support, and a sole to keep me steady. You needed some feet to call you home.

You were there for me when I developed shin splints twice. You strengthened me and got me back on track.You moved with me to New York. You’ve run with me on grass, pavement, crushed granite; through mud, on treadmills, on tracks.

We’ve run a 5k and two half-marathons together. Race days alone, that’s almost thirty miles! I know I’ve asked a lot of you—too much, really—but you’ve asked a lot of me, and I’m better for it.

I’m no longer going to ask you to run with me, but I’m not throwing you out. In fact, I think you’ll like retirement: It’ll give us the chance to go on some adventures, go hiking, get dirty.

When it came time for me to find your replacement, I thought I might try something completely different. I traveled to three athletic stores and tried on four models of shoes. But none of those shoes fit me like you do. I ended up buying the equivalent of what I’ve always had in you.

When my new pair of Brooks and I run the 10k on July 1st, I won’t forget you. Without  you, I would never be where I am today.


Rebekah’s feet


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