Christmas cheer

It actually is beginning to feel like Christmas (and finals season), and Columbia is at full speed. It’s the last week of classes. My mom sent my whole suite a wonderful box of Christmas goodies and decorations. The editorial board is playing secret santa. The streets smell like pine needles. And Hannah, the staff director at Spec, emailed the managing board yesterday with ideas to make the dungeon-like office a little more cheery. This last idea was particularly appealing to me, as I spent a total of maybe thirty hours in the office on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday alone for turkeyshoot interviews.

So yesterday, I stopped by Rite-Aid, bought a few decorations, and, well, went a little crazy. Call it procrastination, but I am proud of my handiwork. Even Ellen, affectionately known as the “office mom,” stopped to admire the paper snowflakes.
What’s more, some of the other sections also joined in and began to make beautiful creations of their own. In my book that’s way better than watching dumb YouTube videos–maybe I’ll do that now.

Christmas cheer found on the sidewalk!

The opinion and A+E office (and spec pizza)

The conference room

The panopticon (look closely to see what I put in front of sam’s desk. Hint: It’s his favorite section.)



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