Scratching the surface

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Not to be dramatic, but here is my magnum opus for the Spec. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever written before in that it involved a lot of reporting and interviewing, but I was able to write about my favorite topic: faith. One of my goals in taking the job as editorial page editor was to bring the good news of Christ a little closer to the minds of Columbia students and Speccies (whether they knew it or not). As an editor, I haven’t always been able to do that directly, but I have hoped that my actions speak for themselves and that grace unfolds whether or not I write or speak His name. When I took on this project of writing a lead story for the paper’s weekly magazine, I knew this was my chance to make a tangible difference through the art of  journalism. I pray that this piece is fair, but most importantly, that it’s true. I know that I, too, am merely scratching the surface.

Scratching the Surface

Is the University Chaplain doing her job?

A week ago around lunchtime, I headed to an interfaith discussion hosted by the Office of the University Chaplain. But when I entered Earl Hall, a lonely flyer on a table greeted me. Apparently, the discussion was postponed in order to find a time better suited to students’ schedules. A sign-up sheet lay next to it to collect the emails of students who wanted to attend future “People of the Book” discussions. There were two names. (more)


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