So I went to get groceries


And this line was wrapping around Trader Joe’s. They weren’t letting any more people in the store it was so crowded. What is this, hurricane season? Oh wait.

Stay tuned for updates on Irene. I will probably be bunking down in the Spec office with the good people from the paper Saturday night and Sunday. It’s kinda exciting.

Update 11:07 am, Saturday. Still no rain yet on the upper west side of Manhattan. Grocery stores are pretty much cleaned out (almost all the Fig Newtons were gone from Westside yesterday night). And it’s hard to imagine, but Starbucks is closed. Starbucks!


11:18 am. It’s pouring.

6:19 pm. Rain has been off and on today, skies are grey, but the winds are picking up. I’ve moved my stuff into the Spec office, and I don’t intend to step foot outside until tomorrow night! Got plenty of food & some water. Duane Reade closed at four today, but oddly Rite Aid is staying open twenty-four seven, and I’ve heard rumors that employees will be sleeping in the back overnight. Strange times.

9:16 pm. Rain definitely picking up, but all is still well. Passing the time reading opinion print-outs for the Orientation Issue and watching “Arrested Development.” Tobias is trying to pass as “Mrs. Featherbottom.”

11:53 pm: Rain and winds are strong! Why are there still taxi cabs out there?

12:06 am: Maniacal laughter coming from the panopticon. Wondering how we will all survive tomorrow.

The panopticon.

12:15 am: Jeremy, holding a paint roller: “The panopticon works in mysterious ways.”

Michele is ready, come what may.

8:52 am, Sunday: A fairly bright morning for a day starting out in a hurricane. Winds and rain have been pretty consistently intense, although they were probably stronger late last night. It’ll steadily increase over the next couple hours, I’m sure. Sam, Michele and Jeremy are still here and the electricity is still fine!

9:55 am. Starting to seem like this was way overhyped. (Although yesterday was intense.) Looks just like a rainy day outside.

10:57 am. Almost completely stopped! Still a tad windy.


12:58 pm. Well, I think the storm is officially over in this neck of the woods. There’s definitely some damage done–Barnard lost one of its trees, Riverside Park is flooded. But stores are reopening, and at Tom’s, business seems to be booming!

10:58 pm. While the afternoon has been a lovely one, the winds have really picked up–at least it’ll mean a cooler night in unairconditioned Mcbain.


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