Til later

Without fail, send-offs are hard. I remember when a girl at English L’Abri once said to me, “The more people I meet, the more I wonder if I’m just really lucky, or if all people are really that amazing.” I know what she means. Somehow, no matter whether I’m in England or New York, working in D.C or chilling with Chick-fil-A employees in Austin, I can’t get away from people who I come to realize I don’t want to leave.

IJM had a celebration party for us, and they said the kindest things about our class of interns and showered us in candy and ice cream. (granted, that would give anyone mad points in my book.) Then Megan, one of the sweetest and most hilarious women I’ve ever met, invited the interns to her lovely home last night, and we feasted on burritos made from a rainbow of fillings. We played what I’ve dubbed “pictophone,” an alternative to the slumber party fave “telephone.” (You draw pictures and interpret them with amusing sentences instead of whispering to your neighbor.) Some of us fell off our couches from the laughter. Plus it’s also fun to discover which friends are artists, and which ones, um, have a different calling.

It’s wonderful people that I am constantly surrounded with, but it’s also delightful places. I trolleyed my way to Misha’s coffee in Old Town today and almost squealed when I saw that the menu was spelled out in those colorful fridge-magnet letters.

Sometimes you have to look in the right places to find gems like the ones I’ve found. But so many times I’ve been utterly surprised, and don’t feel I did anything to merit such friendships.

What I’m trying to say is this. IJM summer interns and staff, I love you all so much. And that also goes for my friends in New York, and my dear friends and family in Texas, Washington, Virginia, and the rest of the states and world. I can’t believe I’m already moving on to the next thing, and I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s time to graduate and move on to the next thing after that. But I’m pretty sure that wherever I do end up, I will be once again baffled at the people and places I have the chance to spend a little time with. Thanks for making it hard to leave.


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